How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment to be seen at a mental health clinic, please call any one of our clinics listed on the home page. Generally at this appointment you meet with a counselor to determine appropriate treatment needs. Please feel free to ask any questions concerning treatment services when you call to set up the initial screening appointment.

What can I expect?

Expect to talk about yourself a lot the first appointment. This is when the counselor gets a feel for what you need, your goals, your history, etc. Depending on the results of your assessment, the counselor will do one of two things: enroll you in services with us, or refer you elsewhere if another provider might meet your needs better.

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More Information

Adult Outpatient Services (AOS)

Our Mental Health Professionals assist adults who recognize that their problems are interfering with their daily life by assessing problems and helping clients find solutions. This assistance is provided through assessment interviews, individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric assessment, medication administration and monitoring, and case management services.


Child, Adolescent, and Family Services (CAF)

Our program for Children, Adolescents, and their Families consists of professionally trained staff that work with emotionally disturbed youth and provide a wide range of services for children and adolescents. Help is available for youth suffering from depression, behavior problems, poor peer relationships, withdrawal, physical and sexual abuse, and adolescents who are functioning below their normal level. These services place a strong emphasis on family involvement, helping to strengthen a family and give them hope for positive change. We work closely with assisting community agencies to assist in all types of treatment.


Community Rehabilitation and Support Services (CRS)

Consumers who are discharged from a psychiatric hospital, as well as those who have a major mental illness and live in the community, usually need continued support, rehabilitation, and treatment. The mission of the Community-Based Rehabilitation (Community Integration) Program is to assist clients in need of extended mental health services in attaining their highest level of functioning in the community. Hospitalized clients are visited to initiate plans for discharge and follow-up services.


School Mental Health Services (SMH)

Greater Greenville Mental Health Center and Greenville County Schools have partnered to create one of the most expansive school mental health programs in the nation. We offer mental health services on site in every public school in Greenville County. School Mental Health Therapists are caring, non-judgmental professionals who value developing connections with students and families and are stationed in schools. They integrate into the professional teams of the schools they serve. From their offices at schools, mental health therapists offer individual therapy, family therapy, assessments and crisis intervention services. They can also offer group therapy, behavior modification, and other rehabilitative behavioral health services. School mental health therapists regularly collaborate with teachers, administrators, and school teams, and they participate in the prevention and early intervention efforts of their schools. To get started, simply contact your child's school and ask to speak to the mental health therapist.