Starting July 1, the Greenville Mental Health Center and Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services will be MERGED and called the Greater Greenville Mental Health Center.

We have been working hard behind the scenes for many months to make the change as smooth as possible, but we know you probably have questions. We put this information together to let you know what the merger will mean and what you can expect. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, that’s OK! Give us a call or talk to the staff at your next appointment, and we’ll be happy to help.



1. Why are the centers merging?

The Greenville Mental Health Center and the Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services are both part of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health (SCDMH). Greenville is the only county in the SCDMH system with two mental health centers, and that has sometimes made it confusing for residents to know which of the two centers served the area where they live. The Agency has wanted to merge the centers for many years to end the confusion while still offering the same services. When the Centers’ directors both decided to transfer to new positions and we realized that the governing boards could be combined without anyone losing a position, we decided the time was right to make the change.

2. Will any of the staff lose their jobs?

No. The staff of the centers are merging, too.


1. Will my center or clinic close?

No. No locations of the Greenville Center OR the Piedmont Center will close. You might hear staff use the word “clinic” when they used to say “center,” but the locations will stay the same.

2. Where are the Center and clinics located?

Greenville location
124 Mallard Street Greenville, SC 29601
Simpsonville location
20 Powderhorn Road Simpsonville, SC 29681
Greer location
220 Executive Drive Greer, SC 29651

3. Will the new center have the same hours?

The hours of each location will not change.

4. Will I need to go to new locations for my appointments?

No, you will go to the building where you usually receive services, but you can discuss going to a different location with your therapist if that would be more convenient for you.

5. I have transportation issues – if I need to go to a different building now, how will I get there?

You will go to the location closest to you. If you have Medicaid, you can call Logistic Care Services for transportation. Their phone number is 1 (866) 910-7689.

6. Is there a new phone number for after-hours calls?

For Simpsonville and Greer, call (864) 467-3339
In the Greenville area, call (864) 241-1040

7. Will the phone numbers change?

No. Building and staff phone numbers WILL NOT CHANGE. If you need to call a different location for appointments, the number will be printed on your appointment card.


1. Will my case be closed, and will I have to go through Intake again?

If you come to your appointments as scheduled, your case will remain open.

2. Do I need to do anything to change over my records?

At times, you will need to show your ID and update your address and financial information. You will need to bring proof of address and financial statements.

3. I have an appointment(s) scheduled – will I have to reschedule it/them?

Unless the therapist/doctor/RN is out you will have an appointment as scheduled. If you need to reschedule call and reschedule with front desk at the location you go to for services:
124 Mallard Street
(864) 241-1040

20 Powderhorn Road
(864) 963-3421

220 Executive Drive
(864) 879-2111

4. How can I find out when my next appointment is?

Call reception/scheduling at the location you receive services from to check.
The Greenville location makes automated phone calls to remind folks of their appointments.
124 Mallard Street
(864) 241-1040

20 Powderhorn Road
(864) 963-3421

220 Executive Drive
(864) 879-2111

5. I have prescriptions. Will they be changed? Will they be filled on time?

Nothing will change unless the doctor makes changes at your appointment.

6. Will any of my services stop being offered?

You will continue to receive the services you are currently receiving, unless you and your treatment team decide you need a change.

7. Will my Group still meet at the same time and the same place?

Right now, services will continue at same time and same place you are used to. If that changes, your therapist will tell you about those changes.

8. Will my child still have the same school mental health services?


9. I only go to the Center for my medicine. How will I know where to go now?

Nothing will change unless you and your treatment team together decide to make a change.

10. Will the Center work with the hospital emergency rooms?


11. Will my bill change or be delayed because of the merger?


12. Will the cost of services still be based on income?




1. Will any of the staff lose their jobs?

No. The staff of the centers are merging, too.

2. Will I still be able to see my therapist/doctor/nurse, or will I go to different people now? How will I know who they are?

Right now, we want to make as few changes for you as possible. If your therapist changes, our staff will notify you by letter and phone calls.

3. Will I get to choose my counselor or will someone be assigned to me?

Someone will be assigned to you, but remember, we always want to hear your preferences.

4. What will the closure/transfer procedure be if I am assigned a new counselor?

If you are going to see a new therapist, he or she will reach out to you by phone or letter and work with you to set up your appointment. You will be given chance to keep your appointment and discuss your needs, concerns, and questions. We want to do all we can to make your treatment what you need it to be.

5. Will caseloads be smaller or larger?

As staff changes, there might be some caseloads that will be larger, but we will address this as needed. We want to help each person with his or her specific needs.

6. What if I get a new counselor and we are not a good match?

Talk to the therapist first about your concerns. If you are not able to work through your concern with your therapist, you can discuss your concern with the supervisor and/or the patient advocate, and they will work to help you find an appropriate match.

7. How do I know who my advocate will be in case I need him or her?

Flyers are located in the lobby of all buildings with steps on how to reach your patient advocate. Therapists and other staff can also give you the patient advocate’s name and phone number.


I still have questions – who can I talk to about them?

Talk to your therapist first. If he or she isn’t able to answer your question/s, you may request your question/s be sent to the patient advocate, who will take it from there. If you’re uncertain, ask!